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Coda onstage at Westport Festival of Music and Food. 
Photo by Declan Courell



by coda


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The Briar and the Rose

Mhorag's Na Hora Gheallaidh

Ae Fond Kiss

Lord Franklin

Mouth Music

Bring Em All In


Leave Her Johnny Leave Her

Adieu Adieu

Full Force Gale

Tunnel Tigers


Auld Lang Syne

Mayo Home


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The West is wide awake and in full voice....
a confident, robust debut from Coda”
Siobhan Long,The Irish Times




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Westport: Duffy's Bookshop,
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The Quay Gallery, Westport

Castlebar: at Downtown Records


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Good Evening Gentlemen,
I have been listening with rapt attention to your rendition of Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her.

I have just come off of three years at sea in the Aleutian fishing trade, Alaska.  The feeling that is evoked in this song captures so much of what I have experienced.  The last day of the voyage, coming down to Seattle from the Gulf of Alaska - the hard work is all done, the bags are packed, and the ship is now only waiting for the longshoremen to do their work.  You have cursed at the crew and laughed with them - and watched each other’s backs on the stormy days of the voyage.

I am hoping that you may be able to ship me your CD to the States.  Kindly let me know if I may place an order with you.
Best Regards with Thanks!, Erik

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